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Delivery Software Mobile App for Drivers

Delivery Master Mobile App

Our drivers’ mobile app improves productivity & gives your business that competitive advantage.  It reduces calls into the office, captures POB & POD signatures, gives real-time updates from your drivers and automatically emails your customers with delivery notification.

Signatures captured on the mobile app can be emailed to customers direct or printed on delivery notes in the Delivery Master Back Office System and sent as hard copies.  Customers can also print them direct from the Delivery Master Customer Web Portal.  All adding greater efficiency for you and a better customer experience.

The Delivery Master Mobile App is designed to make it easy to allocate jobs to your drivers, simply by using a smart phone.  It can be used with Delivery Master GPS Fleet Tracking System, which gives you real-time fleet tracking and helps you to manage your drivers efficiently 24/7.

  • Easy to use
  • Fleet tracking
  • POB & POD signature capture
  • Records driver’s route & time
  • Cross platform capability for Android and IOS
  • Real-time two-way communication with the Back Office System

All data is sent and received in real-time through a communication gateway integrated with your Delivery Master Back Office System.