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Supporting your business

Courier Software Support Services

At Delivery Master Software, our philosophy is simple… your success is our success!  It’s our job to ensure you’re happy and Delivery Master Courier Software meets your expectations day-to-day, everyday.

Unlike some courier software companies, we provide you with free phone support. Phone support is always free of charge regardless of how long you’ve been a customer, what size your business is or how big your business grows.

Helpdesk Support

We have a simple philosophy – Delivery Master Software is here to help you! We offer a range of support to meet your needs.  Our helpdesk support will answer your queries and arrange the right type of help that meets your needs.

Automatic Data Backups

Delivery Master Courier Software performs automatic nightly backups, so your delivery data is always secure.

Remote Assistance

If you need a helping hand, we also offer Remote Assistance on your computer. Remote Assistance enables us to access your computer, with your permission, so that you can show us exactly what’s going on.  With Remote Assistance we can help solve your problem quickly, whether that’s fixing an issue or showing you how to do a task within Delivery Master Courier Software.


We also offer bespoke training for you and your team.  Whether it’s building your confidence when first starting out using Delivery Master Courier Software, or using our courier software to help grow your business…we’re here to help.  We offer remote training sessions and on-site workshops based on what it is you need.

Development Services

Every courier business operates in their own way, using their own processes and procedures. Customers can contact us to request software changes that meet these needs.  Whether that’s supplying you with a bespoke invoice or enabling your team to produce a particular report, we’re here to help.

Software Change Requests

We issue updated versions of Delivery Master Courier Software on a regular basis for the benefit of all our valued customers. These include technology updates, software updates, functionality enhancements and new features.  These upgrades are based on customer requests and suggestions. Customer feedback is important to us.  Simply contact us when you have an idea for a new feature you want to see in Delivery Master Courier Software

We’re Here to Help

Talk to us, let our unmatched experience and friendly service serve you better, call 0333 30 55 250 or use our contact page to send us a message.